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The Enlightened Culinist

The Enlightened Culinist


“Eat well, live a lifestyle”

Andrea, The Enlightened Culinist 



Throughout my life I struggled with my weight, tried every diet, shake and pill on the market.  Always to gain the weight back and then some.  


In 2009 I weighed 305 pounds. My breaking point was the day my knees gave out on me from the extra weight of a full laundry basket. As I crawled up the stairs, knowing I hit my rock bottom, in that same moment, it was the beginning of my journey into a new life. 


Over the next 6 years, I lost 175 pounds and built a lifestyle that consisted of food knowledge, mindfulness and movement.  As I embraced my love of cooking, food and most of all, love for myself, I created a healthy lifestyle and lost the never ending dieting cycle.   


As I connected that a lifestyle is built by unlearning what you were taught and reteaching yourself the importance of how you fuel your body and mind to fit your life, that was when I knew I needed to share my discovery...and The Enlightened Culinist was born.  


We are all unique and so is our health journey. My mission is to help people find their personal lifestyle of health and have fun while doing it. 


This is why I designed and developed, Enlightened Mentoring, The Enlightened To-Go and The Enlightened Lifestyle. Bringing ease, knowledge and connivence in finding your way to a healthier you. 

Enlightened To-Go

EnlightenedToGo & Private Chef

Not everyone has the time they would like to cook and create a healthy meal, especially with home schooling and working from home.  The Enlightened To-Go brings convenience and ease to your fingertips. With worrying less about what to eat, you will have more time to build a lifestyle…read that book, take a walk, quality time with the family…whatever that may look like, the time will be yours to do it. 65% organic, always gluten-free, no refined sugars, dairy free and never any additives or preservatives. Simply put, nourishing food that leaves you satisfied.

Need a specific menu or an event catered? Lets talk menu!



Enlightened Mentoring

What you think and how you stay in motion is just as important as what you eat. This culinary wellness service offers, one on one coaching that guides you in unlearning and reteaching you to find your personal trifecta. I help you create a sustainable lifestyle for YOU. Personalized to your life, discovering. practice to build a comfortable balance of nutrition, movement and mindset. 

Enlightened Life Style
cooking lessons.jpg

Enlightened Cooking Lessons

Children & Family... Healthy habits are easier kept when introduced at an early age.  This culinary wellness service, teaches children, teens and families how to develop healthy habits and become comfortable in the kitchen.


We will chop, taste and follow a customized recipe, while incorporating the 101 of cooking basics, food truths and myths and learn how the food you eat nourishes your mind and body. Specializing in allergy aware and health forward cuisine!


Seniors... As we age, our focus on nutrition and movement tend to lessen. This culinary wellness service, brings both those elements to their home. I customize a meal to their specific physical and health needs and we cook together promoting movement, stimulation and nutrition. 

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